Yiannis Kaliakatsos


Dept. of Electronics, T.E.I. of Crete

Prof. of Digital Electronics ,Coordinator of ELBYSIER Project.
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Dr. Yiannis A. Kaliakatsos is Prof. of Digital Electronics in the Dept. of Electronics, T.E.I. of Crete, in Chania. He has a BSc in Physics, MSc in Electronic Automation and a PhD in Solid State Electronics from University of Athens. He teaches Digital Electronics in T.E.I. He is Director of MSc program in Electronics for telecommunications and automation. He was Visiting Professor in the Technical University of Crete (1994-2002), Academic Visitor in Physics Dept. of Imperial College (2008 and 2011), Vice President of T.E.I. of Crete responsible for research (2002-2008) and Deputy President of TEI Council. His main research interests are in the field of semiconductor materials, sensors, solid state devices. He has published more then 40 papers in Journals and Conference Proceedings. He is now Institutional Academic Coordinator of Erasmus + Program